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Our goal is to empower clients by focusing on interactive skill-building and personal growth.

Our Group Financial Coaching (GFC) Team provides comprehensive lessons that prepare our clients to manage both business finances and personal budgets. The modules provide essential operational and financial knowledge in a dynamic learning environment.

The Financial Literacy Program (FLP)

HMFI aims to empower individuals by promoting financial independence and stimulating economic growth in the DC area. One way we do this is through Group Financial Coaching (GFC), where we provide comprehensive lessons that prepare our clients to manage both business finances and personal budgets. We have seven modules:

Budgeting and Saving

“Budgeting and Saving” discusses the importance of a financial plan and how to form one for your needs. It explains how to create a budget and set responsible financial goals as well as specific resources and strategies to budget and save money for both personal and business finances.


Banking Basics

“Banking Basics” teaches the fundamentals of personal and business banking. It focuses on the differences between the three types of financial institutions, how to open and manage a bank account, and the differences between checking and savings accounts. It also delves into banking for businesses.


Predatory Lending

“Predatory Lending” explains the different types of predatory lenders and why their practices are dangerous. It demonstrates ways to recognize predatory lenders and what alternatives are available.


Building Credit

The “Building Credit” module teaches the basics of credit, the different types of credit, the benefits of having good credit, and how to establish credit. It explains how a credit score is calculated, how a credit report is made, and what they are used for. The module also covers the different factors that make up a credit score and how to use them to improve your credit.


Dealing with Debt

“Dealing with Debt” focuses on the different types of debt and their consequences. The module teaches strategies and explains resources to deal with debt in many forms. It provides guidance on how to more effectively repay debts and avoid illegal debt collection practices.


Retirement Planning

The “Retirement Planning” module is a comprehensive step by step module that covers how to prioritize financial goals and conduct personalized net worth assessments. It delves into saving strategies for retirement and discusses IRAs in depth. It also explores investing options like retirement vehicles and investment portfolios. Finally, the module gives six suggestions on how to build wealth and plan wisely for the future.


Taking on Taxes

“Taking on Taxes” breaks down important details for understanding and filing taxes. This module covers the purpose of taxes, important deadlines, the process of filing taxes, tax deductions, tax advisors, and avoiding common tax scams.

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Banking Basics
Budgeting and Saving
Building Credit
Dealing with Debt
Predatory Lending
Retirement Planning
Taking on Taxes

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